15th August Darren Kibbie 21
.22nd August Keith Webber 12
29th August Nick Hansford 16
5th September Ewan Kindred
12th September John Smith
19 September Bill Andrews 56
26th September Roger Knight (again!!) 45
3rd October David Leach 2
10th October David Leach (wow!! that's lucky!!)2
17th October Lorna Whatling
24 October Peter John 44

We have extended to 50 weeks to help pay for our Centenary next year.
Mike will obviously record your payments against £1 per week and winners will be paid out as usual.

please contact Mike Nash tel: 01934 824600 with any queries
Thank you


Bowls England have launched three workout videos for bowlers , so you can stay fit and healthy by working out not just for bowls!
Click on these links:

Workout 1 (Introduction for all ages and abilities)
Focusing on balance, flexibility and core strength.
Equipment required:
Sturdy chair and a set of bowls.
Workout 2 (Advanced full body workout)
Focusing on building strength and balance and targeting core.
Equipment required:
An exercise/yoga/camping mat and a set of bowls
Workout 3 (Advanced fitness)
Features an advanced high intensity 10 minute
cardio workout to increase cardio fitness.