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News 2017

NEWS 2018

AGM 14th November 2018. - At the AGM Geoff Coombe and Lew Collier were proposed as President. After a ballot Geoff Coombe was elected for the 2019 season. Mike Nash accepted the Vice President nomination. Dave Brown was proposed as Club Captain and Geoff Coombe agreed to be his vice Captain. Mike Fletcher accepted the position of Over 60's midweek captain. Other positions were filled by returning officers.


October 2018 - Also sad to report that Derek Beaverstock has died after a long illness. Derek was no longer at the club having moved to Lincoln some years ago.


23rd September 2018 - Very sad to report that Anne Cast passed away last night. Our thoughts are with Peter at this sad time.


(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Week ending 22nd September

This annual match for the Mike Roberts 'Star' Trophy was played under floodlights for the first time.
The men won but the fun and laughter on the green was what the evening was all about together with the fish and chip supper (of course).

A new member played for the ladies 'Briony' Paul who volunteered to make up the numbers.

The first game of the last week of the 2018 summer season was the Ladies versus the Men which is played in memory of Mike Roberts for The Star Trophy. Mike was a much loved  member and Pavilion Manager at the Club.
It resulted in a strong win by the Men by 5 rinks to 1 and by 45 shots. Trixie Miles  presented the Trophy to Club Captain Paul Fredersdorff.
The highlight of the game, however, was the win by the Lady President’s rink of Lesley Fredersdorff together with Trixie Miles, Margaret Howell, and Sheila Nash winning against the Mens Captain’s rink by 7 shots.
Winscombe Men 122 v Winscombe Ladies 77: P Hopes, K Whatling, M Fletcher,M Adams v P Pow, S Caddy, P Burns A Ainsworth 32-13; G Lloyd, D Peakall, J Sprouting,W Ainsworth v B Smart, L Coombe, L Parfitt, S Lowis 35-10; M Newing, A Pow, G Coombe,

M Dorrington v M Sprouting, A Bougourd, B Paul, C Bryant 17-14; R Lowis, D Phillips, M Nash, P Fredersdorff v T Miles, M Howell, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 15-22; M Smart, D Johnson, R Lowman, R Lacy v C Hopes, T Darkin, L Whatling, M Adams 23-18.


Winscombe played a traditional end of season game away to Victoria in a Men’s Friendly match. I was a windy damp afternoon but they came away as winners by 9 shots.
Winscombe 103v  Victoria 94(Friendly away): D Brown, R Reason, L Collier, T Ellis 17-12; B Paul, R Fisher, M Fletcher 17-13; M Newing, D Phillips, P Fredersdorff,M Adams 18-12; A Pow, D Johnson, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 16-22;
M Smart, M Nash, M Dorrington 13-15, P John, R Lowis, G Coombe, R Lacy 22-20.


It was another windy damp day for Winscombe’s final home game of the season against The Sussex President’s touring side.
Despite the inclement weather all enjoyed a friendly and competitive game with the score finishing 3 rinks each and Winscombe winning by 23 shots.
Winscombe 118 v Sussex President 95: A Hawkins (Guest), L Collier, B Paul,

T Ellis 22-11; P John, D Johnson, G Coombe, G Neville 31-13; M Newing, M Nash,P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 19-23; T Rowe, D Peakall, J Sprouting, M Fletcher 16-18;

G Lloyd, R Reason , K Whatling, M Adams 19-12; M Smart, D Phillips, R Lacy, M Dorrington 11-18.

The traditional Closing Day match between the President’s team and the Captains’s team was cancelled because of the weather – a rare event.
However, an excellent Closing Day Supper was enjoyed by members in The Club House in the evening.


Week ending 15th September

Weston and District Over 60's League Knock Out Cup Final

Double Good News for Winscombe!

Winscombewon the KO Cup for a third successive year. They 'did the double' last year winning both the league and the Cup. This year they have had to settle for second place in the league which they secured on the same day as The Cup Final . Clarence failed by just one point to overhaul them in their last match of the season.

The Cup Final match between Isle of Wedmore and Winscombe ended up with a victory for Winscombe by 101 - 75 in somewhat cloudy and at times damp conditions.  Despite the margin of victory, this was a hard fought game across 5 of the 6 rinks.   The rink doing the damage, if that is the word, for Winscombe won by a margin of 20 shots. This was the rink skipped by Mike Adams - supported by Ken Whatling with a fine exhibition of lead bowling by John Sprouting.
The Captain Lew Collier received the cup from The League Chairman Wilf Ainsworth at a celebration buffet after the game.

Winscombe 101 v Isle of Wedmore 75: G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 16 - 14; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 16 - 10;J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 26 - 6; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 17 - 16; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 15 - 19; R Lacy, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 11 - 10

Winscombe's other games were against a mixed Touring Team from Shaftesbury Bowls Cluband a visit to Knowle BC in Bristol.
The match against Shaftesbury proved to be a very friendly game played on a fine afternoon and gave Winscombe their first win of the week by the substantial margin of 86 shots.

Winscombe 185 v Shaftesbury 99(Mixed Tourists): P. Hopes, K Whatling, M Adams, Mike Adams 27-10;A Pow, L Coombe, D Phillips, P Fredersdorff 25-13; F Bays, M Myland, L Collier,

W Ainsworth 15-25; P Pow, M Smart, B Paul, G Coombe 29-10; T Rowe, D Johnson,L Fredersdorff, R Lacy 31-11; M Newing, S Nash, M Nash, R Lowman 41-10; C Hopes,B Smart, D Brown, B Andrews 17-20.

At Knowle, WInscombe needed to borrow 2 of their members so that the game was made up to 2 rinks and 2 triples.

With the aid of the Knowl bowlers, Winscombe managed to come out winners following a friendly and good competitive match by 8 shots.
Winscombe 65 v Knowle 57(Friendly away): P Hopes, D Phillips, R Bennett (KBC), M Dorrington 16-21; M Newing, D Johnson, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 18-16;, B Flook (KBC),L Collier, G Coombe 15-8; T Rowe, A Pow, D Brown 16-12.


Club Finals Weekend

There were some very high quality and close games during our Club Finals Weekend.

In the Men's Singles Final Sam Easterby prevailed over Malcolm Dorrington and in the Ladies Final Carol Hopes came out on top against Barbara Smart.
Barbara a very new bowler had done very well to reach the final.
Congratulations to all the Winners and commiserations to the Runners Up. Our Thanks to Rob Lacy for his excellent organisation.
All the Results can be seen on the Competitions page >>> HERE.


Week ending 8th September

Winscombe had matches against three touring teams this week and won all three.
They played a mixed Tourist side from Bristol St George who were on their way home from a tour in Dorset. Winscombe won by 4 rinks to 2 and by 33 shots with  good wins by the rinks of Malcolm Dorrington and Graham Neville.
Winscombe 124 v Bristol St George 91(Friendly): T Darkin, A Trenchard, A Ainsworth, W Ainsworth 17-25; G Lloyd, B Smart, M Fletcher,G Neville 25-8; M Sprouting, A Pow, J Sprouting, M Dorrington 29-4; C Hopes, M Smart,M Howell, B Andrews 23-16; P Hopes, L Coombe, D Brown, G Coombe 18-12; M Trenchard,P Pow, B Paul, R Lowman 12-26.


They also welcomed a mixed Tourist side from Holwell Sports in Leicestershire which gave Winscombe their second win of the week helped this time to by a 19 shot win by Mike Fletcher’s rink.
Winscombe 116 v Holwell Sports 96(Friendly): S Caddy, A Pow, A Ainsworth, W Ainsworth 12-15;P Pow, M Myland, K Whatling, R Lacy 9-21; R Knight, S Nash, M Nash, M Dorrington 17-14;M Sprouting, D Phillips, J Sprouting, R Lowman 19-14; P Cast, L Coombe, B Andrews, G Coombe 13-12; T Rowe, P Burns, L Collier, D Brown 20-13, F Bays, D Peakall, B Paul, M Fletcher 26-7.


The third game of the week was the much anticipated annual game against the Notts County Tourists. The men from Nottingham have been visiting Weston super Mare and district for over 80 years and Winscombe since  before the war. This is more like a reunion than a bowls game , with bowlers from both sides meeting up again with old friends. This year Winscombe were not very friendly with  the score as this became Winscombe’s third win of the week by a handsome margin of 41 shots.

Winscombe 118 v Notts County 77 (Men’s Friendly). M Myland, B Paul, M Adams, T Ellis 31-11; J Sprouting, D Phillips, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 20-25; D Peakall, M Smart, D Brown, M Dorrington 18-10; P John, R Reason, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 21-17; K Whatling, C Westlake, L Collier, N Westlake 28-14.   


Week ending 1st September

Winscombe entertained a mixed Tourist side from Didcot as the first game of the week which resulted in a win for Winscombe by 4 rinks to 1 and by 12 shots.

Winscombe 94 vDidcot 82(Tourist Friendly): L Coombe, P Hopes, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 18-17; P John, A Ainsworth, G Coombe, G Neville 16-14;T Darkin, A Bougourd, R Fisher,

M Dorrington 20-22; C Hopes, D Phillips, M Adams, Mike Adams 17-16 ; D Peakall, S Nash,S Lowman, R Lowman 23-13.

The result of the home friendly game against Mark Moor was a win for Winscombe by a margin of 14 shots.
 Winscombe 96 v Mark Moor 82(Friendly): P John, G Coombe, M Adams 22-6;
T Rowe, M Trenchard, R Lowman 23-13; K Horler, D Johnson, M Dorrington 19-17; M Smart,

L Collier, G Neville 12-27; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 20-19.

Winscombe played Clevedon at home in the semi final of the Weston & District Over 60’s

Knock Out Cup winning by 33 shots and are through to the final against Wedmore which will be played at Victoria on 11th September 2018.
Winscombe 116 v Clevedon 83(Over 60’s Cup Home):D Johnson, R Reason, R lacy 16-20; T Rowe, M Nash, R Lowman 25-16; R Knight, K Whatling, M Adams 18-10; P John, G Combe, G Neville 20-8; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 16-10, G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21-19.

The mixed home game against Burnham on Sea proved to be a both very friendly and competitive match with both sides winning 2 rinks each but Winscombe just losing by

3 shots.
Winscombe 63 v Burnham on Sea 66 (Mixed Friendly Home): F Bays, K Whatling, M Adams,
Mike Adams 19-18; T Rowe, A Bougourd, D Johnson, P Fredersdorff 19-17; C Hopes,

M Myland; D Brown, M Fletcher 12-14; D Peakall, L Coombe, P Hopes, G Coombe 13-17.

Both Winscombe teams played at home this week in the Somerset County League. These were the last matches this seasonin this league for both teams. Winscombe A needed to win to move them away from the relegation zone. It was a good result for them against the Chew Stoke ‘A’ side- Winscombe won on all 3 rinks and collected a valuable 12 points.
Winscombe ‘A’ 73 (12Pts) v Chew Stoke ‘A’ 43 (0 Pts) (SCL Div 1 North): G Lloyd, K Whatling,
M Fletcher, M Adams 21-14; R Lowman, R Reason, B Paul, M Dorrington 29-13; D Brown,

C Westlake, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 23-16.

Winscombe ‘B’ fared less favourably losing to Mark Moor by 2 rinks to 1 and 22 shots.

Winscombe ‘B’ 42 (2 Pts) v Mark Moor 64 (10 Pts)(SCL Div 2 North): A Pow, M Myland, D Johnson, B Andrews 12-27;T Rowe, R Armstead, D Peakall, G Neville 20-14; M Smart, K Horler, B Kibble, J Sprouting 10-23.     


Winscombe Ladies only had one game this week and lost on all rinks away at 'The Prom' .

Winscombe Ladies 28 v Clevedon Prom 71(NSTL Away): P Pow, A Bourgourd, C Bryant 12 - 14: C Hopes, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 12 - 30; B Smart, M Howell, M Adams 4 - 27


Week ending 25th August

Winscombe needed to win against Clarence Blues to secure at least second place in the Weston and District Over 60's League. Unfortunately they only won on one rink but lost by just one shot on two of the other rinks.This result may now mean Winscombe finish in third place (their lowest since 2013) but this depends on Clarence picking up good points in their last games agaist RBL and Clevedon. Winscombe are still in the KO Cup and play Clevedon in the semi final.

Winscombe 95 (2 pts) v Clarence Blues 116 (18pts)( Weston Over 60's League): G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 19 - 17; P John, C Coombe, G Neville 14 - 15; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 15 20; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 14 - 25; D Johnson, R Reason, R Lacy 19 - 20; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 14 - 19


In a friendly Mixed match against Prattens Winscombe lost by 28 shots

Winscombe 53 v Prattens 81(Friendly Mixed Home):K Horler, F Bays, S Nash, M Nash 14 - 20; A Pow. C Bryant, S LOwman 17 - 9; D Phillips, M Howell, C Bryant, R Lowman 15 - 26; P Pow, R Lowis, M Newing, L Parfitt 7 - 26


Winscombe entertained Tourists from Chelmsford in another Mixed match and in a close game lost by 11 shots. Winscombe two of the five rinks.
Winscombe 94 v Chelmsford BA 105 (Tourist) : T Darkin,L Whatling,M Adams, K Whatling 27 - 14; P Hopes, A Bourgourd, M Fletcher, C Bryant 18 - 29; C Hopes, M Adams, M Smart, B Paul 24 - 7; M Sprouting, R Knight, D Phillips, J Sprouting 14 - 33; T Rowe, L Coombe, G Neville,G Coombe 11 - 22



Winscombe Ladies played a Friendly 3 rink match against Yatton Ladies at home. They won by one shot on one rink but lost a close game by 8 shots overall.

Winscombe 39 v Yatton 47 ( Friendly Home ): T Miles, L Parfitt, M Howell, L Fredersdorff 13 -12; P Pow, F Bays, S Nash, C Bryant 11 -15; C Hopes, S Caddy, A Ainsworth, M Adams 15 - 20

In the Wessex League Winscombe Ladies won on all 3 rinks against Mark Moor at home to pick up the full 10 points.

Winscombe 76 (10pts) v Mark Moor 46 (Wessex League Home):T Miles, L Coombe, M Howells, C Bryant 29 - 17; C Hopes, S Nash, A Ainsworth, M Adams 16 - 15; P Pow, M Sprouting, S Lowis, S Lowman 31 - 14


Week ending 18th August

Winscombe won their evening friendly match against Congresbury by 17 shots. They won on 4 rinks with Mike Adams rink achieving the highest shot difference.

Winscombe 94 v Congresbury 77(Friendly Home): R Kibble, K Horler, B Paul, M Nash 14 - 20; A Rowe, R Fisher, K Whatling, R Lowman 16 - 13; D Johnson, R Lowis, D Brown, M Fletcher 19 - 12; A Pow, D Phillips, G Coombe, G Neville 20 - 18; M Newing, R Knight, L Collier, M Adams 25 - 10

Winscombe continued their chase to top the table yet again by picking up 16 points at Ashcombe winning on four of the six rinks and by 29 shots overall. The Ashcombe green was a delight to play on and a credit to greenkeeper John Taylor.

Winscombe 107 (16pts) v Ashcombe 78 (4 pts)(Weston and District Over 60's League Away): D Johnson, R Reason, R Lacy 24 - 7 ; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 19 - 10; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 14 - 12; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 24 - 10; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 12 - 19; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 17 - 20


In the SCL both Winscombe teams needed points to improve their league standings. The A team visited Yatton and on a very heavy green struggled to match the home team. Wilf Ainsworth's rink was well ahead after 10 ends but had a poor second half to lose by 4 shots. Malcolm Dorrington was always fighting to catch up and Yatton pulled ahead to win by nine. Winscombe's only winning rink was skipped by Mike Adams ably assisted by Mike Fletcher who both mastered the conditions well to win 16 of the 21 ends and 10 shots.

Winscombe A 48 (2pts) v Yatton A 51(10pts)(SCL Div 1 North Away): D Brown, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 18 - 22; A Rowe, R Knight,R Lowman, M Dorrington 12 - 21; G lloyd, K Whatling, M Fletcher, M Adams 18 - 8

The B Team were at home to Portishead RBL's third team. Winscombe were looking for revenge to defeat by RBL B and succeeded on two rinks to pick up a valuable 10 points.

Winscombe B 75 (10pts)v Portishead RBL C 53(2pts)( SCL Div 2 North Home): D Johnson,M Myland, R Reason, J Sprouting 21 - 14; M Newing, D Phillips, P Lowis, G Neville 16 - 26;P John, M Smart, R Kibble, M Nash 28 - 13


An exciting game at Long Ashton in the North Somerset Triples League saw Winscombe win by just one shot thanks to the captains rink winning decisively. A three picked up on the last end by Angela Ainsworth's rink could be seen as the game winner!

Winscombe 42(6pts) v Long Ashton 41 (4pts)(NSTL): A Pow, L Coombe, S Lowman 10 -17; T Miles, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 9 - 20; C Hopes, S Nash, M Adams 23 - 4


In the other NSTL match against Portishead RBL Winscombe won on one rink to pick up 2 points but lost overall by 18 shots.

Winscombe 33 v Portishead RBL 51(NSTL Away):S Caddy, A Ainsworth, S Lowman 12 - 18; C Hopes, S Lowis, M Adams 7 - 22; T Miles, L Parfitt, C Bryant 14 - 11

The Iris Owen Trophy match 2nd leg at Winscombe was always going to be very difficult for Winscombe as St Andrews had won the first leg by a big margin. Winscombe put up a good fight and all rinks were very tight with Sarah Lowman's rink winning by 5 shots. Unfortunately St Andrews got a hot shot on the penultimate end on rink one to seal the game in St Andrews favour.

Winscombe 54 v St Andrews 65 (Iris Owen Trophy 2nd Leg Home):C Hopes, M Sprouting, C Bryant 16 - 30; M Adams, S Nash, S Lowis 14 - 16; T Miles, P Burns, S Lowman 24 - 19


Week ending 11th August


Greenkeepers Competition
This is a Club 2 wood pairs Trophy set up by ex Greenkeeper Colin Westlake.Sadly this years event had to be curtailed at tea as the rain was heavy and persistent.

However the two unbeaten pairs braved the elements over a 5 end final . Something of a lottery but Graham Neville and Adrian Pow came out one shot winners against Paul Hopes and Ken Whatling. Graham and Adrian received the handsome Cup from Mrs Jill Westlake.




The Pig Roast and Jazz Night was a great success and well attended . Everyone said they enjoyed the food,music and 'craic'!

These folk had a particularly 'good night' . Glad you enjoyed it.


Bath won the new Sydney Gardens Trophy presented by Bath in recognition of the many years Winscombe and Bath have played a 21 ends triples match at Home and Away.

The Trophy was won by Bath as they had a decisive victory at Home winning by 35 shots. Winscombe drew 111 shots each in the return leg.

Paul Fredersdorff , Winscombe Captain , presented the Cup to David Lake, Bath BC Captain.

Winscombe 111 v Bath 111(Sydney Gardens Trophy 2nd leg Home): J Sprouting, R Kibble, R Lowman 29 - 12; D Johnson, B Paul, W Ainsworth 19 - 15; D Brown, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 11- 25; K Whatling, L Collier, M Adams 12 - 32; A Pow, S Easterby, B Andrews 20-15; M Newing, G Coombe, G Neville 20 - 12;

Winscombe gained another 16 pointsat Portishead RBL in the Weston and District Over 60's Triples League to keep up the pressure on leaders St Andrews.

Winscombe 116(16pts) v Portishead RBL 95 (4pts)(Weston Over 60's League): D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 23 - 12; R Kibble, P Frederdorff, R Lacy 24 - 13;J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 19 -22; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 19 - 16; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 11 - 17; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 20 -15


In a Mixed friendly at Banwell Winscombe won by 4 shots thanks to a good win on Mike Nash's rink
Winscombe 57 v Banwell 53( Mixed Friendly): P Hopes, D Phillips, M Myland, L Fredersdorff 12 - 16; P Pow,B Smart,A Rowe,P Fredersdorff 11 - 17; C Hopes, M Snart, S Nash, M Nash 21 -6; M Palmer, A Pow, P Burns, M Dorrington 13 - 14

Winscombe Ladies entertained The Vic Ladies in a Friendly 3 rink match and won on two rinks to one and by 22 shots overall. Sarah Lowman's rink contributed 20 shots towards this victory.

Winscombe 59 v Victoria 37(Friendly Home): T Miles, P Pow, A Bourgourd, S Lowman 27 -7; M Palmer, T Darkin, M Adams, C Hopes 19 - 12; L Coombe, L Parfitt, P Burns, C Bryant 13 -18

In the North Somerset Triples League drew on one rink to pick up a point and the friendly rink just won by two shots
Winscombe 42 v Portishead 53 (NSTL): C Hopes, M Sprouting,A Ainsworth 12 - 16; L Coombe, P Burns, S Lowman 12 - 19; P Pow, S Nash, S Lowis 18 - 18 ; Friendly Rink: F Bays, B Smart, A Bourgourd 14 - 12


Week ending 4th August

Winscombe played two games in the Weston & District Over 60’s League this week, the first being away to Clevedon where the hosts were only able to field a team of 5 rinks. The failure to provide the full 6 rinks resulted in Clevedon suffering a 10 shot penalty and 2 points penalty for the missing rink. Winscombe found Clevedon tough opposition but still managed to win through before any penalties were applied thanks to a fine win by Graham Neville’s rink by 25 shots.
 Winscombe 94 (16 pts) v Clevedon 78 (4pts)(Weston Over 60’s Home): P John, G Coombe,
G Neville 34-9; D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 15-12; D Johnson, R Kibble, R Lacy 10-27;

G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth, 13-18; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 22-12.

The second game in the Over 60’s League was at home against Wedmore . A close match wihich Winscombe won by the small margin of 4 Shots thanks to an excellent win by Mike Fletcher’s rink by 28 shots.
Winscombe 107 (12pts) v Wedmore 103(8pts )(Weston Over 60’s Home):D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 34-8; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 15-21; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 13-21;G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 13-16; R Lowman, G Coombe, G Neville 10-29; D Johnson, R Kibble, R Lacy 22-8.

In the fairly evenly matched friendly home game against Bridgwater, Winscombe came out winners by 8 shots.
Winscombe 90 v Bridgwater 82(Friendly Home):P John, R Lowis, B Paul, M Fletcher 23-11;

D Brown, K Horler, M Nash, R Lowman 18-22; M Newing, R Knight, P Fredersdorff,

R Lacy 19-11; P Hopes, D Peakall, R Reason, M Adams 14-24; D Johnson, R Fisher,

W Andrews, M Dorrington 16-14.

The Somerset County League games for this week again provided mixed results for Winscombe with the ‘A’ team having a good win away to Congresbury ‘B’ whilst the ‘B’ team

lost away to a very strong Portishead RBL ‘B’ team.

Winscombe ‘A’ 74 (10Pts) Congresbury ‘B’ 34. (2Pts)(SCL Div 1 North Away), R Lowman, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher,M Dorrington 26-7; D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 17-18; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 31-9.

Winscombe ‘B’ 41 (0Pts) Portishead RBL ‘B’ 110 (10Pts). R Kibble, R Fisher, D Johnson,W Andrews 21-28; P Hopes, D Peakall, M Myland, M Nash 17-38; R Knight, D Phillips, M Newing, G Neville 3-44.    



Winscombe Ladies lost both League matches this week.
At Portishead RBL in the North Somerset Triple League , the Captain’s rink won and picked up 2 points but the other two rinks lost.
At Ashcombe in the Wessex League  they won on two rinks but lost heavily on the third resulting in losing the game by 13 shots overall.

Winscombe 46 v Portishead RBL 63 (NSTL Away):C Hopes, S Lowis,M Adams 22 - 20; M Howell, P Burns, A Ainsworth 10 - 21; M Sprouting, C Bryant, L Fredersdorff 14- 22 ; Friendly Rink: P Pow, T Darkin, L Parfitt 18 - 21
Winscombe 48 v Ashcombe 61(Wesssex League Away): T Miles, S Caddy, S Nash, P Burns 8 - 35 ; M Sprouting, L Coombe, C Bryant, L Fredersdorff 20 - 14; C Hopes, P Pow, A Ainsworth, M Adams 20 - 12

Week ending 28th July

Our volunteer greenkeepers ,Mike Newing, Peter John, Dave Brown ,Rob Lacy and Bill Andrews were seen bonding with our Official Greenkeepers Lew Collier and Colin Westlake at a lunch arranged by Lew.
Well done boys you deserve 'the treat'. (Bill took the photo) -

We 'bomb out' of the Turnbull at Watchet in Round 5. A good effort but 'no cigar'!!

Winscombe started the week with a visit to Madeira Bowling Club in Exmouth to play the annual match for the Majorie Stewart Inkstand. Originally presented by an ex Winscombe member who moved to the Madeira Club in Exmouth in 1950 ,the trophy has been played for every year since .  Madeira have two more wins than Winscombe  but this narrow gap got even closer when Winscombe won the game by 9 shots to retain the Inkstand for another year.

Winscombe 94 v Madeira 85.(M Stewart Inkstand Away): D Peakall, L Collier, R Lacy 21-11; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 9-13; A Rowe, R Reason, B Paul 19-9; K Whatling, C Westlake,M Adams 12-22;  D Phillips, D Johnson, M Dorrington 20-10; A Pow, W Andrews,W Ainsworth 3-20.

Winscombe played their 5th round  match in this years Turnbull Cup at Watchet where they met  very competitive opposition and lost the match on all four rinks.

Winscombe 58 v Watchet 103(Turnbull Round 5 Away): G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 14-33;  D Brown,J Sprouting, G Coombe, G Neville 15-25;  M Newing, R Kibble, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 9-24; D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 20-21.

The Somerset Juniors were welcomed to enjoyable games at Winscombe again this year. The Ladies played 2 rinks and the Men 4 rinks. Once again they proved to be tough opponents winning on five of the six rinks.

Winscombe 58 v  Somerset Juniors 120: Ladies:  P Pow, A Bougourd, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 9-18;C Hopes, B Smart, A Ainsworth, M Adams 4-37.
Men:  D Brown, A Pow, M Nash, W Ainsworth 15-13;  M Newing, B Paul, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 8-21; P Hopes, M Smart, G Coombe, M Adams 9-15;  D Johnson, K Horler, L Collier, R Lacy 13-16.

Winscombe had mixed fortunes in the Somerset County League this week with Winscombe ‘A’ losing to Burnham on Sea ‘A’ at home by only 3 shots but by two rinks to one.

Winscombe 56 (2Pts) v Burnham on Sea 59 (10Pts)(SCL Div One north Home). P Hopes, R Fisher, P Fredersdorff,M Dorrington 21-17; D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 18-23; G Lloyd, K Whatling,M Fletcher, M Adams 17-19.

Winscombe ‘B’ on the other hand fared rather better at home to Wrington winning two of the three rinks and by 24 shots.
 Winscombe ‘B’ 70 (10Pts) v Wrington 46 (2 Pts)(SCL Div Two North Home): M Myland, R Kibble, M Nash, J Sprouting 27-11; A Rowe, A Pow, L Collier, W Andrews 13-30; M Newing, P John, G Coombe, G Neville 30-5.



‘The Bob Flay’ is a Ladies 2-wood pairs competition held in memory of Bob who was our Pavilion Manager for many years. It was won this year by Carol Hopes and Trixie Miles and the trophy was presented by bob’s widow Mo’.
bob flay

In the Wessex League match Winscombe lost on all 3 rinks at Wedmore.
Winscombe 28 v Wedmore 69 (Wessex League Away): C Hopes, S Nash, L Fredersdorff ,A Ainsworth 7 - 27; M Howell, L Parfitt, M Sprouting, S Lowis 7 - 24; P Pow, S Caddy, C Bryant, M Adams 14 -18

Week ending 21st July

Winscombe played Banwell at home in the 2nd leg of the annual Parrot Shield match. They lost in the first leg at Banwell by 14 shots, so needed 15 shots to regain this much prized trophy. It was a close affair with Winscombe looking likely to recover the deficit . Wilf Ainsworth’s rink were well ahead and finally won by 12 shots but this was not enough . Winscombe won by 7 shots overall.  Banwell retain the shield for this year.
 Winscombe 103 v Banwell 96 (Parrot Shiels 2nd leg Home): G Lloyd, K Whatling, R Lowman, M Adams 22-20; D Johnson, L Collier, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 29-17; B Kibble, M Nash, B Andrews, M Dorrington 17-21; D Brown, R Knight, G Coombe, G Neville 17-14; T Rowe, M Newing, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 18-24.

In the Weston & District over 60’s League Winscombe were away to Victoria Saxons. It was a challenging green, both sides won three rinks each but Winscombe came out on top, thanks to a fine win by Rob Lacy’s rink by 20 shots . An overall  win by 6 shots.
 Winscombe 105 (14Pts), Victoria Saxons 99 (6Pts). D Brown, B Paul, M Fletcher 16-14;  P John, G Coombe, G Neville 14-20; D Johnson, B Kibble, R Lacy 28-8; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 20-17; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 16-20; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 11-20.


in the Somerset County Leagues Winscombe A were at home to St Andrews whilst the B team travelled to Clevedon.

The Winscombe ‘A’ match proved to be a very close and competitive game. The lead changed throughout the game and even the last end of the last rink playing was killed by Winscombe skip Mike Adams to force an extra end. Winscombe were ahead by just one shot but St Andrew’s skip Darrel Johnson bowled two superb woods to gain the win by one shot for the visitors.
 Winscombe A 53 (4Pts), St Andrews 54 (8Pts)(SCL Div 1 North): D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 15-24; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 15-14; P Hopes P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 23-16.

Winscombe ‘B’ were away to Clevedon ‘B’ and and lost by  two rinks to one and by 8 shots.
 Winscombe 57 (2Pts), Clevedon 65 (10Pts)(SCL Div 2 North): A Rowe, A Pow, L Collier, W Andrews 19-25; D Johnson, R Kibble, J Sprouting, M Nash 16-22; M Newing, R Fisher, G Coombe, G Neville 22-18.  

In a mixed morning game Winscombe hosted a match against Taunton BC. The vistors won by 7 shots.

Winscombe 91 v Taunton 98 (Mixed Friendly Home):P Pow, D Johnson, M Nash 17 - 19; L Haynes, T Riley,D Leach 27 - 10 ; B Smart, B Smart, R Fisher, S Easterby 15 - 29; A Pow, R Lowis, S Nash, S Lowis 14 - 21; M Palmer, D Phillips,M Myland, W Andrews 18 - 19


Winscombe Ladies having narrowly lost to Victoria Saxons in the Fear Cup played Isle of Wedmore in the Plate at Winscombe.Unfortunately they could not field the same team that came so close at The Vic and despite winning on one rink Winscombe lost by 20 shots overall.
Winscombe 44 V Isle of Wedmore 64 (Fear Plate Home): C Hopes, B Smart, M Howell, S Lowis 16 - 13; P Pow, L Coombe, M Sprouting, L Fredersdorff 15 -30; T Miles, S Nash, C Bryant, M Adams 13 - 21

In the Wessex League at Clevedon Winscombe were well beaten on two rinks but Angela Ainsworth's rink rescued another two points for the visitors.

Winscombe 51 v Clevedon 71(Wessex League Away): P Pow, M Sprouting, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 23 - 16; T Miles, S Caddy, M Adams, L Fredersdorff 17 - 25; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, P Burns, S Lowis 11 - 30


Week ending 14th July

Winscombe Triples Tournament

The Winscombe Men's Open Triples Tournament was another huge success. 28 teams played four games of one hour to determine the winners and runners up of each of two sections. The Top teams then played off which saw The Stockers, this year representing St Andrews , beat another team skipped by Barrie Forse over 8 ends. This is the second year Mike with son Lee and grandson Sam have won tis tournament. In third spot Banwell skipped by Phil Villis turned a losing position to win the last four ends and beat a Team from Mark Moor skipped by Gary Williams playing in the event for their first time. They included Steve Hannet who was playing in his first ever competitive game . Well done everybody not least the organisers and catering ladies who toiled in the heat to ensure everyone had a great day.


Winscombe played Weston & District Over 60's matches three times this week.

Winscombe’s league game away to Portishead resulted in a draw in every sense with both teams winning on 3 rinks each, scoring 96 shots each and scoring 10 points each.
Winscombe 96 (10pts) v Portishead 96 (10pts): D Johnson, B Kibble,
R Lacy 13-18; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 20-6; M Newing, M Nash, B Paul 10-22; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 15-11; P John, G Coombe,G Neville 16-19; D Brown, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 22-20.

The second league game was a home match against St Andrews who proved to be tough opposition winning the match by four rinks to one with one drawn and by 9 shots.

Winscombe 97 (3 Pts) v St Andrews 106 (17Pts): M Newing, M Nash, B Paul 13-8; D Johnson,B Kibble, R Lacy 19-19; R Reason, D Brown, P Fredersdorff 16-18; P John, G Coombe,M Fletcher 16-20; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 24-14; G Lloyd, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 9-17.

In the Over 60’s Knock Out Cup Winscombe played away to Ashcombe . They won by 9 shots and on three rinks to two. One rink was drawn. They play Nailsea or Clevedon in the semi final at home.
Winscombe 97 v Ashcombe 88 (Weston Over 60's KO Cup): J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 14-19; D Brown, B Andrews, M Fletcher 17-12; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 19-19;, R Reason, M Nash,B Paul 20-10; P John, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff 18-8; P Hopes, D Johnson, R Lacy 9-20.


Both Winscombe teams played at home this week in the Somerset County League with the ‘A’ team playing West Backwell in a competitive and close drawn  game, and although the shots were shared at 55 shots each, West Backwell won on two rinks to one.

 Winscombe 55, (5Pts) v West Backwell 55 (7Pts): R Kibble, R Fisher, P Fredersdorff,M Fletcher 22-16; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 18-20;, D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, W Ainsworth 15-19

The Winscombe ‘B’ team played Bristol ‘B’ and lost also by two rinks to one and by 17 shots. 
  Winscombe ‘B’ 50 (2Pts) v Bristol ‘B’ 67 (10Pts): A Rowe, D Peakall, L Collier, G Neville 14-28; P John ,R Reason, D Johnson, W Andrews 12-23;, R Knight, A Pow, D Phillips,

J Sprouting 24-15.



Winscombe Ladies played at St Andrews in The Fear Cup and came very close to causing a major upset. St Andrews fielded a very strong team. They were runners up in this competition last year and won the Southey Cup. After 21 ends the match was tied thanks to a very good win on Sue Lowis's rink. Extra ends were played across all 3 rinks. St Andrews scored 2 shots on two rinks but Winscombe scored 3 shots on Sue Lowis's rink. So St Andrews won by one shot.

Winscombe 51 v St Andrews 51 (Fear Cup Away): T Miles, S Nash, C Bryant, M Adams 15 - 22; L Coombe, M Sprouting,L Fredersdorff, S Lowman 15 - 19; C Hopes, L Parfitt, M Howell, S Lowis 21 -10

In the North Somerset Cup League match Winscombe beat Portishead by 8 shots winning on 2 of the 3 rinks and picked up another 8 points

Winscombe 43(8pts) v Portishead 35 (2pts)(NSTL Away):M Howell, S Lowis, A Ainsworth 10 -20; C Hopes, M Adams, C Bryant 18 - 5; T Miles, P Burns, L Fredersdorff 15 - 10; (friendly) P Pow, L Parfitt 23 -11

Winscombe beat Nailsea by 25 shots in 'a friendly' at home.

Winscombe 57 v Nailsea 32 (Friendly Home): A Bourgord,S Nash, L Fredersdorff, S Lowman 23 -11; M Palmer, S Caddy, C Bryant, M Adams 19 - 7; C Hopes,L Coombe, M Howell, A Ainsworth 15 - 14


Week ending 7th July


Winscombe 79 v Begbrook Green 52 (Mixed Friendly Away) : L Coombe,M Smart, D Johnston,G Coombe 27 -12; M Myland. S Nash, M, Nash, R Lowmsn 23 - 11; C Hopes, P Pow, P Hopes, M Fletcher 13 - 15; B Smart, A Pow, M Newing, P Fredersdorff 16 - 14


Winscombe’s first match of the week was to complete the Weston & District Over 60’s home game against Portishead which had been abandoned part way through on 31st May due to the heavy rain and a flooded green on that day. The game was restarted at the same score on which each rink had reached when the game was abandoned and completed to the full 18 ends giving Winscombe the win by 4 shots.

Winscombe 104 (14pts)v Portishead 100 (6pts): M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman15-20; G Lloyd, R Reason, W Ainsworth 17-15; D Johnson, R Knight,R Lacy 5-24;  P John, G Coombe, G Neville 24-9; J Sprouting, K Whatling,M Adams 31-12; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis/M Fletcher 12-20.


Winscombe won The Turnbull Cup Game away to Burnham on Sea by 10 shots winning on 2 rinks, losing 1 and drawing on which puts Winscombe  through to play in the 5th round away to Watchet on 24th July.

Winscombe 78 v Burnham on Sea 68: M Newing, B Kibble, R Lowman, W Ainsworth 22-12;  D Johnson, M Nash,P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 21-19; D Brown, J Sprouting, G Coombe, R Lacy 19-19;G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 16-18.


Winscombe played the 1st Leg of the Parrot Shield away to Banwell and despite a valiant struggle lost over the 5 rinks by 14 shots. This leaves Winscombe needing a 15 shot win at home in the 2nd Leg on 18th July to win back the Shield, a challenge which they relish.

Winscombe 87v Banwell 101: D Brown, R Knight, G Coombe,G Neville 19-14; J Mingo-West, M Myland, L Collier,R Lacy 5-36; T Rowe, M Newing, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 21-14; G Lloyd,K Whatling, M Nash,M Adams 16-25; D Johnson, B Kibble, R Lowman, W Ainsworth 26-12.


In the friendly evening game away to Wyrral Park Winscombe managed to came out on top winning by 4 rinks to 2 and by 29 shots.

Winscombe 115 v Wyrral Park 86:T Rowe, M Nash, M Fletcher 19-12: M Newing, L Collier,W Ainsworth 17-18; R Knight, K Whatling, M Adams 17-20; D Peakall, B Paul,P Fredersdorff 21-10; R Fisher, D Johnson, D Brown 17-15, M Trenchard, M Myland,R Lowman 24-11. 


The last game of the week for Winscombe was a home friendly against Norwest which  ended in a draw with both sides scoring 72 shots. However, all credit must go to Graham Neville’s rink, whose win by 16 shots made such a result possible.

Winscombe 72 v Norwest 72: J Mingo-West, L Collier, C Westlake, R Lacy 14-24; M Newing ,D Peakall, D Johnson, G Coombe 13-17; R Knight, M Myland, J Sprouting, G Neville 24-8;R Reason, D Phillips, B Paul, R Lowman (retired hurt) 17-23.



Winscombe Ladies had a close game at The Prom winning on one rink but losing overall by 5 shots

Winscombe 41(2pts) v Clevedon Prom 46(8pts) (Wessex League Home):P Prow, M Sprouting, C Bryant, S Lowman 8 - 18; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, M Howell, L Fredersdorff 20 - 7; T Miles, L Parfitt, A Ainsworth, M Adams 13 - 21

Week ending 30th June


Winscombe Turnbull Cup campaign this year started with a home game in the third round against The Isle of Wedmore. Wiscombe came out on top by 10 shots with the rinks shared at two rinks each. Winscombe play Burnham on Sea in the next round at Burnham.

Wnscombe 87 v Isle of Wedmore 77 (Turnbull Cup Round 3 Home): S Easterby, R Kibble, R lowman, W Ainsworth 22-27; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 26-13; D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher,M Dorrington 22-14; D Brown, J Sprouting, G Coombe G Neville 17-23.

 The mixed friendly home game against the City & Port of Bristol was very close over three of the 4 rinks with the 9 shot win by David Brown’s rink making the difference between the two sides.

Winscombe 62 v City & Port of Bristol 52(Mixed Friendly Home): C Hopes, S Nash, M Nash,P Fredersdorff 13-13, M Smart, B Smart, M Newing, R Lowman 13-11, L Coombe, R Lowis,

D Johnson, G Coombe 17-18, M Palmer, P Hopes, R Knight, D Brown 19-10.


In the Weston & District Over 60’s League Victoria Saxons played strongly and won decisively against Winscombe by 29 shots, despite suffering a 2 point and 10 shot penalty for their arrival with a rink short of the required six.

Winscombe 72 (4 Pts) v Victoria Saxons 101. (16Pts)(Weston and District Over 60's League Home):P.John, G Coombe, G Neville 20-9; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 7-28; T Rowe, M Fletcher, R Lacy 14-25; J Sprouting,K Whatling M Adams 10-22; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 11-17.


The two Winscombe Somerset League teams both came up against tough competition this week with Winscombe ‘A’ playing away to Wilmott Park and losing on all 3 rinks and by

21 shots. Winscombe ‘B’ suffered a similar fate away to Banwell ‘B’ losing on all 3 rinks and by 26 shots.
Winscombe 50(0 Pt)s v Wilmott Park 71 (12Pts)(SCL Div 1 North):    D Brown, R Knight, W Ainsworth,R Lacy 19-27; M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman, M Dorrington 17-25; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham, M Adams 14-19.     

Winscombe ‘B’ 42 (0 Pts)v Banwell ‘B’ 68 (12 Pts)(SCL Div 2 North): P John, M Trenchard, J Sprouting,M Nash 11-25; R Reason, P Hopes, L Collier, G Neville, 17-23; M Newing, A Rowe,

W Andrews, G Coombe 14-20.




Winscombe Ladies started the week with a good win away at Mark Moor in The Wessex League. They won by 6 shots and 2 rinks to one to pick up another 8 points.

Winscombe 50 (8pts) v Mark Moor 44(2pts) (Wessex League Away): C Hopes, L Coombe, A Ainsworth, M Adams 18 - 11; M Sprouting, A Bourgourd, M Howell, S Lowis 11 - 14; T Miles, B Smart, C Bryant, S Lowman 21-19


In the North Somerset Triples league they continued their winning ways with another victory at Clevedon . This was thanks mainly to a great win by the president Lesley Fredersdorff's rink who won by 27 shots. The other two rinks lost but kept the scores tight losing by five and eight shots respectively.
Winscombe 55 (6pts)v Clevedon 41 (4pts)(NSTL Away) : C Hopes, C Bryant, L Fredersdorff 29 - 2; A Bourgourd, P Burns, A Ainsworth 11 - 16; M Sprouting, S Lowis, M Adams 15 - 23

Back in the Wessex League there was a very tight match at Home to Isle of Wedmore. The visitors came out on top winning by just 5 shots despite a win by Angela Ainsworth's rink by the same margin.

Winscombe 41(2pts) v Isle of Wedmore 46 (8pts)(Wessex Home) : C Hopes,S Nash,M Howell, C Bryant 14 - 18; T Miles, L Parfitt, L Fredersdorff, A Ainsworth 15 - 10; B Smart, L Coombe, M Sprouting, M Adams 12 - 18


Week ending 23rd June

Winscombe played an away mixed friendly game at Wrington which saw the hosts win by 3 rinks to 1 and by 28 shots.

Winscombe 60 v Wrington 88 (Mixed Friendly Away):T Rowe, A Bourgourd, M Newing, P Fredersdorff 15-22; M Palmer, M Myland, S Nash, M Nash 19 -17; C Bryant, K Horler, M Howell, L Fredersdorff 13 -28; T Miles, R Lowis, S Lowis, S Lowman 13 -21

The annual President’s Shield match between Winscombe and St Andrews was played at St Andrews this year and resulted in a win for the home team.

Winscombe unfortunately arrived with one player short resulting in a 25% reduction in that rink. Whilst this did not affect the final result, and despite a massive effort by this short rink skipped by Graham Neville to win by 12 shots, the game was lost over the 6 rinks by 11 shots.

Winscombe 112 v St Andrews 123 (Presidents Shield Away): G Lloyd, R Knight, W Andrews, R Lacy 16-17; M Trenchard, A Pow, M Nash, R Lowman 21-23; J Mingo-West, G Coombe,G Neville, 29-17;M Newing, M Smart, K Whatling, M Fletcher 16-26; D Brown,M Myland, R Kibble, M Dorrington 18-14, A Rowe, D Phillips, L Collier,W Ainsworth 19-26.

 In a home game in the Weston & District Over 60’s Triples League, the reverse happened when Clevedon had to drop a rink. Unfortunately, following a severe traffic accident, some of Clevedon’s side had been caught in the resulting local traffic disruption and been unable to reach Winscombe. This led to Clevedon suffering a 10 shot penalty and losing that rink score. On the green Winscombe  won the game, before any penalties were applied, by 3 shots, this  being  again  thanks to a magnificent win by Graham Neville’s rink by 20 shots.

 Winscombe 105 (14pts) v Clevedon 92 (6pts)(Weston Over 60's League Home): T Rowe, R Kibble, R Lacy 20 - 24; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 14 - 16; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Fletcher 19 - 14; D Brown, B Paul, P Fredersdorff 12 - 28; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 30 -11

As Winscombe had no Somerset County fixtures on Saturday they held a Fixed Jack Competition on their green which was a great success. 28 members played pairs in 4 matches of 6 ends with jacks and mats at various lengths. Each end was scored 3 points for the nearest to the jack, 2 points for second and 1 point for third wood. The winner was the pair with the highest number of shots and the honour of winning this event for the first time went to Mike Newing and Mike Fletcher who amassed 83 points. This will now be a permanent fixture in Winscombe's schedule.




Winscombe ladies were at home to Ashcombe in the first of two Wessex League games. The rink skipped by Peter Burns was very unlucky to lose by 1 shot on the last end whilst the other two rinks only lost by 7 and 4 shots respectively.

Winscombe 55 v Ashcombe 67 (Wessex League Home): M Howell,P. Pow, L Parfitt, S Lowman 15 - 22; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, M Sprouting, P Burns 24 - 25; T Miles,L Coombe, S Nash, A Ainsworth 16 - 20

In a Friendly at Victoria Winscombe put up a good show winning two rinks to one . Sue Lowis managing to get 1 shot ahead and Chrissie Bryant 4 shots. Unfortunately the Presidents rink lost by 9 shots giving Victoria the win by just 4 shots.

Winscombe 56 v Victoria 60(Friendly Away): P Pow, T Darkin, P Burns, S Lowis 15 - 14; C Hopes, S Nash, M Howell, C Bryant 21 -17; T Miles, B Smart, A Ainsworth, L Fredersdorff 20 - 29

In the second Wessex League game Winscombe were well beaten by Wessex at Clarence Park losing on all 3 rinks.

Winscombe 43 v Wessex 82 (Wessex League Away): C Hopes, L Parfitt,M Sprouting, A Ainsworth 15 - 20; T Miles, S Nash, S Lowis, C Bryant 9 - 37; P Pow,L Coombe, M Howell, L Fredersdorff 19 - 25


Week ending 16th June

in the Weston & District Over 60’s League Winscombe moved to head the table yet again after this win against Portishead RBL.They won 4 Rinks to 2 and by 18 shots . Winscombe picked up 16 points thanks especially to the Triples skipped by Rob Lacy who won by 21 shots and Tony Dudley who won by 14 shots.

Winscombe 110(16pts) v Portishead RBL 92 (4pts)(Weston Over 60's League): R Knight, K Whatling, M Adams 7 - 22; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 11 - 19; D Brown, B Paul, A Dudley 24 - 10; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 16 - 11; B Andrews, M Fletcher, R Lacy 37 - 16; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 15 - 14

A close friendly mixed game away to Severn Vale also resulted in a win for Winscombe by 3 shots.
Winscombe 73 v Severn Vale 70(Mixed Friendly Away): P Cast, T Darkin,M Newing, D Brown 18-18; R Lowis, B Smart, C Bryant, R Lacy 15-17; M Smart, M Howell, M Dorrington 22-14; P John, A Bougourd,B Paul, P Fredersdorff 18-21.

In the NSBA Knock Out Cup Clevedon proved to be a much tougher proposition with the home team fielding a strong team and winning on all six rinks.
Winscombe 69 v Clevedon 122 (NSBA KO Cup Away): R Knight, A Pow, P Fredersdorff,G Neville 12-25; R Reason, B Paul, G Coombe, M Dorrington 14-16; M Newing,

M Nash, M Fletcher, W Ainsworth 15-28; G Lloyd, K Whatling, J Feltham,M Adams 14-23; D Brown, B Kibble, L Collier, R Lacy 14-30.

Winscombe lost again in a friendly home triples game against Wyrral Park losing by a 23 shot margin.
Winscombe 80 v Wyrral Park 103(Friendly Home): A Trenchard, D Brown, R Lowman 20-14; J Mingo-West, B Andrews, G Neville 11-18; C Westlake, B Kibble, M Fletcher 13-15; R Lowis, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 9-19; M Trenchard, M Nash, R Lacy 10-28; D Phillips L Collier, W Ainsworth 17-9.



Winscombe Ladies only had one fixture this week at Home to Nailsea Ladies. They drew on one rink and lost on the other two to lose overall by 9 shots
Winscombe 38 v Nailsea 47 (friendly Home): T Miles, P Burns, A Ainsworth, S Louis  10- 17; C Hopes, L Coombe, L Parfitt, L Fredersdorff 16- 16; M Howell, T Darkin, S Caddy, S Lowman 12- 14

Week ending 9th June


Winscombe played their second round match in the Men’s Two Rink Competition against a strong Clevedon side and although halfway through the match the scores were very close, Clevedon pulled away in the second half to win the match by 13 shots.

Winscombe 29 v Clevedon 42(Home) : BPaul, M Nash, R Lacy , W Ainsworth 15 - 20; K Whatling, M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Adams 14 - 22

Winscombe won their friendly home match against Ilminster by 5 shots thanks to a strong performance from David Brown’s rink.

Winscombe 50 v Ilminster 45(Home): R Reason, A Pow, M Newing, D Brown 23 - 10; D Peakall, M Myland, D Johnson, R Fisher 15 - 15; J Mingo- West, M Smart, R Knight, J Sprouting 12 - 17

A mixed match at Sourh Petherton resulted in a win for Winscombe by 12 shots.Rinks were shared but Winscombe only dropped 3 shots on their losing rinks to clinch the win.

Winscombe 75 v S Petherton 63(Friendly Away): A Bougourd, R Fisher, D Peakall, S Caddy 17 - 18; D Johnson,P Burns, Chrissie Bryant, R Lacy 14 - 16; R Knight, L Coombe, L Collier, G Coombe 19 - 15; D Brown, C Bryant,M Howell , M Dorrington 25 - 14

The Weston Over 60's League saw Winscombe inflict the first defeat of the season on St Andrews by 17 shots thanks largely to a good win by Wilf Ainsworths rink.

Winscombe 106(14pts) v St Andrews 89 (6pts): P John, G Coombe, A Dudley 11 - 18; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 15 -16; D Brown, B Paul T Ellis 18 - 19; B Kibble, M Fletcher, R Lacy 18 - 14; G Lloyd, B Andrews, W Ainsworth 29 - 9 ; M Newing, M Nash, G Neville 15 - 13

Only Winscombe A Team played in the Somerset County League against Clevedon Prom's B side. Winscombe won on 2 rinks to claim another 10 points winning overall by 14 shots.

Winscombe A 71 (10pts) v Clevedon Prom B 57 (2pts)(SCL Div 1 North Home): K Whatling, M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Dorrington 19 - 25; G Lloyd, W Ainsworth, J Feltham, M Adams 23 - 19 ; D Brown, B Paul, R Lacy, T Ellis 29 - 13


Winscombe Ladies had three matches winning one and losing the other two.They won their North Somerset Triples League Match by 8 shots with a winning, drawing and losing rink . The good win by Lesley Fredersdorff’s rink secured the win.

Winscombe 53 (7pts) v Clevedon Prom 45 (3pts)(NSTL Home): C Hopes, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 29 - 10; M Howell, L Coombe, M Adams 16 -17; A Bourgord, M Sprouting, A Ainsworth 18 -18
St Andrews proved once again to be too strong for Winscombe in the Iris Owen Memorial Trophy match. This is a two leg affair and Winscombe have a mammoth task in their second leg at home.
Winscombe 29 v St Andrews 73(Iris Owen Trophy Away): M Sprouting, L Parfitt, C Bryant 11- 29; C Hopes, P Pow, A Ainsworth 8 - 24; T Miles, S Nash, M Adams 10 -20
In the Wessex League match at Winscombe , Clevedon ran away with a 31 shot victory but Wniscombe picked up 2 points thanks to a one shot win on Chrissie Bryant’s rink
Winscombe 38 (2pts) v Clevedon 69 (8pts)(Wessex Home): M Howell, T Darkin, M Sprouting, L Frederesdorff 11- 29; C Hopes, L Parfitt, A Ainsworth , C Bryant 16 - 15; T Miles, L Coombe, S Nash, M Adams 11 - 29



Week ending 2nd June


Winscombe started the week by welcoming a 7 rink tourist side from Churchdown B. C. Gloucester.
The match proved to be both a friendly and competitive game with the visitors coming out on top by winning by 11 shots.

Winscombe 107 v Churchdown BC 118(Tourist Friendly): M Newing, A Bougourd, D Peakall, G Neville 25 - 19: J Mingo-West, L Coombe, L Collier, G Coombe 11-18; T Darkin, A Pow, R Fisher, S Caddy 10-22; R Knight, S Nash, M Nash, M Dorrington 15-19; M Sprouting, R Reason, J Sprouting, M Adams 10-22; P Pow, Chris Bryant, Chrissie Bryant, W Ainsworth 19-12; M Trenchard, P Burns, D Brown, Mike Adams 17-16.

Winscombe 130 v Linslade BC 80 (Tourist Friendly): J Mingo-West,L Coombe, K Whatling, G Coombe 14-17; P Pow, D Phillips, C Bryant, W Ainsworth 13-26; M Newing,T Rowe, S Lowman, R Lowman 23-10; R Knight, L Parfitt, M Nash, M Dorrington 33-7;, D Brown,T Darkin, M Adams, Mike Adams 39-4, C Hopes, A Pow, M Myland, L Fredersdorff 8-16.



Winscombe v Portishead -Weston & District Over 60's League - MATCH ABANDONED!!

the green

The match against Portishead in the Weston and District Over 60's League was abandoned after 10 ends as the green rapidly turned into a swimming pool!

Earlier the match had been delayed by 45 minutes due to another downpour which saw the green flooded. However, the wonderful drainage at Winscombe got the match underway and Winscombe were leading by 1 shot at the abandonment. The last eight ends will now be played on the 15th June to complete the fixture. Greenkeeper and Midweek Captain Lew Collier but on a brave face as he looked at his beloved green.


With no county league games this week Winscombe travelled to Norwest where the home side had been on a winning run. Winscombe raced off to an impressive start on two rinks with Robin Lowman's rink amassing 17 shots without response in the first 9 ends and Wilf Ainsworth's rink picking up 14 shots also without response in the first 6 ends. The other two rinks were tighter affairs but Winscombe won on all 4 rinks and by 42 shots overall.

Winscombe 104 v Norwest 62(Friendly Away): M Trenchard, B Paul,M Dorrington,R Lowman 29 - 13; R Reason,A Trenchard,D Brown, W Ainsworth 34 -11; M Newing,D Peakall,D Johnson, G Coombe 21 - 19; R Knight, R Fisher, B Andrews, G Neville 20-19




Winscombe Ladies only had one match in the North Somerset Triples League . They entertained Long Ashton and in a close game won one rink to secure another two points losing overall by just 5 shots.

Winscombe 47 (2pts) v Long Ashton 52 (8pts)(NSTL Home):C Hopes, S Caddy, P Burns, 17 - 21; P Pow, M Sprouting, A Ainsworth 11 - 17; T Miles, C Bryant, M Adams 19 -14

Winscombe v Yatton (Friendly Away): match cancelled due to weather


Week ending 19th May

.Winscombe lost at home to a Bristol ‘A’ side in the Tony Allcock Mixed Two Rink Competition on both rinks and by 11 shots.

Winscombe 40 v Bristol A 51(T Allcock Mixed 2 rink Home):D Brown, P Pow, L Fredersdorff, P Fredersdorff 20 - 28; C Hopes, S Nash, M Nash, M Fletcher 20 - 23



In a home friendly against North Petherton, Winscombe came out on top by winning on 3 out of the 4 rinks and by 18 shots.

Winscombe 77 v N Petherton 59 (Friendly Home): M Newing, D Phillips, M Nash, R Lowman 22 - 12; R Fisher, M Smart, G Coombe, M Adams 22 - 19; P John, K Horler, D Brown, P Fredersdorff 16 - 10 ; J Mingo- West, A Pow, D Fletcher, G Neville 17 - 18


In the Weston & District Over 60's Triples League ,Winscombe had to make several changes to last weeks winning team but still managed a 22 shots victory over Clarence Blues. They drew on two rinks , lost on one and won the other three picking up another 16 points.

Winscombe113 (16pts)v Clarence Blues 91 (4pts)(Weston Over 60's League Home): M Newing, M Nash ,R Lowman 14 - 14; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 28 - 14; D Peakall, K Whatling, M Adams 15 - 20; P John, J Sprouting, A Dudley 21 - 17; G Lloyd, L Collier, R Lacy 15 - 15; R Reason, M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff 20 - 11


Winscombe lost both their games in the Somerset County League this week . The ‘A ’team lost a tightly fought match in Clarence Park where they narrowly lost on two of the 3 rinks and by 5 shots overall.

Winscombe A 59 (2pts) v Clarence A 64(10pts) (SCL Div 1 North):G Lloyd, K Whatling,P Fredersdorff,M Adams 21 - 17; D Leach, M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Dorrington 18 - 24; D Brown, B Paul, G Neville, T Ellis 20 - 23


The ’B’ team also came up against strong opposition in their away game at Ashcombe losing on all 3 rinks and by 23 shots.

Winscombe B 40 (0pts) v Ashcombe B 63 (12pts)(SCL Div 2 North): P Cast, A Pow, L Collier, T Dudley 14-24; P John, M Trenchard, R Knight, M Nash 12 - 20; J Mingo-West, D Phillips, D Johnson, J Sprouting 14-19.




Winscombe Ladies were away at North Petherton in the Wessex League match. They lost on 2 of the 3 rinks and by 4 shots overall. Sarah Lowmans' rinks valiant efforts to win by 15 shots just failing to overcome the shot deficits on the other two rinks.

Winscombe 53(2pts) v North Petherton 57 (8pts)(WL Away): P Pow, B Smart, M Sprouting, S Lowis 10 - 20; P Hopes, F Bays, P Burns, S Lowman 30 - 15; T Miles, S Nash, M Howell, M Adams 13 - 22

The North Somerset Triples League match at Clarence showed clearly how home advantage can work on a very difficuly green to master.

Winscombe 32 v Clarence 66(NSTL Away): T Miles, S Lowis, M Adams 12 - 21; M Howell, C Bryant, S Lowman 11 - 19; C Hopes, M Sprouting, L Fredersdorff 9 - 26


Winscombe were well beaten in a friendly Triples Match against Long Ashton.

Winscombe 29 v Long Ashton 43(Friendly Home): T Darkin, C Hopes, S Caddy 11- 15; P Pow, L Coombe, S Nash 9 - 17; B Smart, F Bays, S Lowman 9 - 11


In the Southey Cup Round 4 Winscombe met Victoria at 'The Vic'. It was an excellent match with Winscombe giving the strong Victoria side a scare. We saw a dramatic finish to the triples rink where Winscombe won on the last end by one shot, having trailed the jack to take 3 shots.The Pairs were drawn at 16 shots each, The fours were lost by one shot and the singles by 5 shots. Losing the match by one point overall. A really good effort by Winscombe.

Winscombe 1½ pts v Victoria 2½(Southey Cup Rd 4 Away) :Rink: M Howell, L Whatling. L Fredersdorff, S Lowman 18 - 19;Triples: T Miles, C Bryant, M Adams 17 - 16; Pairs: M Sprouting, S Lowis 16 - 16; Singles: C Hopes 16 -21


Week ending 12th May

Winscombe beat Yatton in the first round of the National Mens 2 rink competition by 10 shots. The rinks were shared. They face Clevedon or Congresbury in the next round.

Winscombe 44 v Yatton 34(National Men's 2 Rink Home):B Paul, M Nash, M Dorrington, W Ainsworth 26 - 14; K Whatling, M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Adams 18 - 20


In the first round of the Weston and District Over 60's KO Cup Winscombe were given a bye when Victoria Vikings were unable to raise a team.
Winscombe are the current holders of The Cup and also League Champions in 2017.
In Winscombe's first match defending their title ,the Weston Over 60's League winners had a tight game with Ashcombe. Good wins on Robin Lowman's rink and Tom Ellis's rink sealed the win and 14points to get them off to a winning start by 8 shots.

Winscombe 107 (14pts) v Ashcombe 99 (6pts)( Weston Over 60's League): D Johnson,M Fletcher,P Fredersdorff 16 - 13; P John,G Coombe, A Dudley 10 - 22; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 21 - 13; G lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21 - 22; M Newing, M Nash, R Lowman 22 - 4; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 17 - 25

They did not fair so well however away in the Sidney Gardens Trophy coming up against a strong Bath side and losing the first leg by 35 shots.

Winscombe 70 v Bath 105 (Sydney Gardens Trophy 1st Leg Away): D Brown, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 13 - 12; D Peakall, A Pow, R Lowman 14 - 19; D Johnson, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 15 - 17; R Reason, R Fisher, M Fletcher 6 - 23; J Mingo-West, M Nash, G Coombe 13 - 17; M Newing, L Collier, M Adams 9 - 17


Winscombe had mixed fortunes in the first games in the Somerset County League when the 'A' team, despite winning on 2 rinks out of the 3, lost by 8 shots to Victoria 'B' ( 4 points to 8).
Winscombe A 53 (4pts) v Victoria B 64 (8pts)(SCL Div 1 North Home) : G Lloyd, K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, M Adams 18 - 17; P John, M Fletcher, G Coombe, M Dorrington 23 - 22; D Brown,B Paul, L Collier, T Ellis 12 - 25


The 'B' team faired better against Clarence 'B' , again winning 2 of the 3 rinks but overall by13 shots (10 points to 2). 

 Winscombe B 62 (10pts) v Clarence C 49 (2 pts)(SCL Div2 North Home): M Trenchard, A Trenchard, D Johnson, A Dudley 13 - 18; M Smart, D Leach, D peakall, M Nash 24 - 15; J Mingo-West, A Pow, R Fisher, J Sprouting 25 - 16




Winscombe Ladies were unbeaten this week. In the midweek friendly match against West Blackwell at home they won by eight shots,only losing on one rink by 3 shots.

Winscombe 49 v West Backwell 41 (Friendly Home): P Pow, W Weller, C Bryant 16 - 13; B Smart, L Coombe, S Caddy 13 - 16; C Hopes, M Adams, L Fredersdorff 20 - 12

In the morning Saturday friendly match also at home against Congresbury Winscombe went one better winning on all 3 rinks and by 18 shots overall

Winscombe 62 v Congresbury 44 (Friendly Home): C Hopes, B Smart, A Bourgourd, M Howell 18 - 11; L Whatling, P Pow, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 21 - 12; F Bays, L Coombe, S Lowis, M Adams 23 - 21


Week ending 5th May


A good night at the Woodborough was well attended to say our farewells to Bob and Wendy Weller before they set off to new adventures in darkest Kent. We wish them well particularly in finding a new bungalow quickly.

Thanks to Eve and Tony Watts for organising the event and to Carol Hopes for being the architect of a wonderful cake. A small donation to Wendy's new garden was made by the members.


Winscombe Men have won all their friendly fixtures so far this year. This was a week of mixed fortunes however, for Winscombe, with wins away at Congresbury by 15 shots and at home against a strong Bristol side by 9 shots. However, in the 4 Dimensions Competition away to Victoria, played on a dull cold evening, Winscombe failed to match their opponents and lost on all four rinks.



Winscombe 90 v Congresbury 75 (Friendly Away): K Whatling, A Pow, S Easterby, M Adams 24 -12; B Paul. M Trenchard, G Coombe, R Lowman 8 - 23; J Mingo- West, R Lowis, R Fisher, A Dudley 24 - 9; D Brown, R Kibble, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 16 - 17; D Peakall, D Johnson, M Fletcher, W Ainsworth 18 - 14

Winscombe 0 v Victoria BC 4(4 Dimensions Away): Singles M Dorrington 8 - 21; Pairs: D Brown, R Lowman 15 - 22; Triples: G Lloyd, A Dudley, M Adams 14 - 20; Rink: M Fletcher, P Fredersdorff , W Ainsworth, T Ellis 18 - 23

Winsombe 79 v Bristol BC 70 (Friendly Home): B Paul, R Knight, R Kibble, W Ainsworth 19 - 24; J Sprouting, A Trenchard , G Neville, R Lowman 25 - 10; D Brown, P Cast ,G Coombe, M Dorrington 17 - 19; G Lloyd, M Trenchard, K Whatling, M Adams 18 - 17



Winscombe Ladies had mixed fortunes this week. In thefirst Wessex League match despite a strong result on Sarah Lowman's rink, wiining by 19 shots, they lost overall to Wessex  Ladies by 5 shots.In their first League match in the North Somerset Triples League they got off to a great start by winning against a strong Clevedon team by 21 shots gaining 9 points, one rink drawing.

It was a cold, blustery day at 'The Prom'in Clevedon which did not help Winscombe Ladies in the Wessex League. They lost on two rinks to one with Angela Ainsworth's rink gaining their 2 points.

Winscombe 50(2pts) v Wessex 55(8pts)(Wessex League Home): M Howell, B Smart, S Lowis, S Caddy 10- 28; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 14 - 22; M Sprouting, L Coombe, P Burns, S Lowman 26 - 5

Winscombe 59(9pts) v Clevedon 38(1pt)(NSTL Home): T Miles,C Bryant, A Ainsworth 15 - 15; P Pow, L Fredersdorff, S Lowis 20 - 9; C Hopes, L Parfitt, M Adams 24 - 14

Winscombe 49(2pts) v Clevedon Prom 64 (8pts)(Wessex League Away): M Sprouting, L Parfitt, S Nash, A Ainsworth 22 - 16; M Howell, P Burns,C Bryant, S Lowman 11 - 21 ; C Hopes, A Bourgourd, L Whatling, M Adams 16 -27


Week ending 28th April

Winscombe men won their 2 friendly matches this week.The home game against Long Ashton being won by 33 shots with Malcolm Dorrington's rink winning by 29 shots proving to be decisive.
The other home game against Clevedon was also won by 4 rinks to 2 and by 29 shots.
Winscombe also won their away mixed game against Mark Moor and although only winning 2 of the 5 rinks still managed to win overall by 20 shots.

Winscombe 84 v Mark Moor 74 (Mixed Friendly Away): P Pow, P Burns, R Lowman 9 - 15 ; M Howell, Mavis Adams, Mike Adams 12 - 16 ; A Pow, M Sprouting, J Sprouting 12 - 19; C Hopes, M Newing, M Nash 28 -5; D Brown, S Nash, P Fredersdorff 23 -19
Winscombe 91 v Long Ashton 58 (Friendly Home): G Lloyd, D Phillips, M Fletcher, M Dorrington 38 - 9; M Newing , R Knight, L Collier, R Lowman 15 -15; J Sprouting, A Pow, A Dudley, M Adams 15-20 ; D Brown, J Mingo-West, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 23 -14
Winscombe 114 v Clevedon 85 (Friendly Home): P John, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 12 - 23; M Smart, L Collier, R Lowman 11 - 21; D Johnson, M Fletcher, T Ellis 27 - 9; G Lloyd, T Dudley, M Adams 21 - 15; P Cast, R Kibble, W Ainsworth 20 - 8; J Sprouting, B Paul, M Dorrington 23 - 9



Winscombe Ladies got off to a great start in The Wessex League in their first game at home to North Petherton. They won by 17 shots and on all 3 rinks to pick up a maximum 10 points.

Winscombe 61(10pts) v North Petherton 44 (0pts)( Wessex League Home): C Hopes, P Pow, C Bryant, A Ainsworth 21 - 13; S Nash, L Parfitt, P Burns, S Lowman 22 - 18; L Coombe. M Sprouting, M Adams, S Caddy 18 -13



Saturday 21st April

First game of the season was at home against friends and rivals from Banwell. As ever it was a closely fought match with the home team winning by 8 shots.Notable wins on Mike Adams rink and Tom Ellis's rink sealed the victory.

Winscombe 102 v Banwell 94(Friendly Home): K Whatling, R Kibble, M Fletcher, T Ellis 27-11; M Newing, P Cast ,R Fisher, G Neville 15 – 21;  G Lloyd, R Lowis, J Feltham, M Adams 30 – 13; D Brown, D Johnson, M Nash R Lowman 13 – 27; R Knight, A Pow, B Paul, W Ainsworth 17 - 22

Friday 20th April

Winscombe 32 (2pts) v Ashcombe 54 (8pts)(NSTL Away ) T Miles,R Lowis, M Adams 17 - 13 : C Hopes, C Bryant, W Weller 7 - 19; M Sprouting,L Whatling,S Caddy 8 -22
Ladies first game of the season was at Ashcombe in the North Somerset Triples League.The home team played the early green conditions better but Winscombe Captain Mavis Adams led from the front on the only winning rink for Winscombe.

Indoor and Shortmat Dinner. An enjoyabe dinner and presentation evening at the club. After presentations to the League winners, David Johnson and Mike Newing shared a substantial
roll over sweepstake prize. Thanks were given to Wilf Ainsworth and Bob Kibble organisers of the two leagues.

It was particularly appropriate for Wendy and Bob Weller to win the Shortmat as they are shortly leaving the club and moving back to Kent.


Shortmat Winners: Bob and Wendy Weller,Peta Burns (Ray Freeguard) .......................Indoor League Winners: 'The Badgers ' Paul Hopes,(B Paul),Mike Nash, Mike Fletcher

Saturday 14th April

The green was opened by The President and the Club Captain bowed the first bowl. A spider was held which raised £40 for our sponsored young lady in Kenya.

Although wet the green played very well and over 15 ends the President won v The Captain by 2 shots.

Afterwards members enjoyed a delightful supper which this year had been prepared by our wonderful ladies.

The green has been closed until Friday 20th April to allow it to dry out and be prepared for the season. Two matches have been cancelled.
Our first Home match will now be against Banwell on Saturday 21st April.



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