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News 2018

NEWS 2019

(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Week Ending 15th June 2019

The friendly match against Ilminster was curtailed after 13 ends due to heavy rain. The score was 36 to Winscombe and 39 to Ilminster.
Winscombe v Ilminster (Friendly Home): P Hopes, D Peakall, L Collier, W Ainsworth 8-10; E Kindred, K Horler, R Fisher, B Paul 9 - 9; M Myland, M Trenchard, M Nash, D Johnson 7 -10; D Brown, R Reason, J Sprouting, M Dorrington 12 -10

Winscombe Over 60's slipped to their fourth consecutive defeat when they lost by 5 shots 99-104 to Portishead RBL despite excellent wins by the rinks skipped by Mike Adams, John Sprouting and Dave Brown picking up 6 points to RBL's 14
Winscombe 99 (6pts) v Portishead RBL 104 (14pts)(Weston Over 60's League Home): P Hopes, B Paul, M Adams 29 - 11; A Rowe, B Andrews, G Coombe 12 - 17; M Myland, M Nash, M Fletcher 8 - 23 ; M Smart, L Collier, W Ainsworth 6 - 28; D Johnson, R Fisher, J Sprouting 20 - 11; P John, P Fredersdorff, D Brown 24 - 14

It was a close match against our visitors from Wales with the touring side winning by just one shot in two hundred!
Winscombe100 v Ystrad Mynach 101 (Tourist Mixed Home): A Rowe,guest x 2 ,W Ainsworth 18 - 9; C Hopes, guest x 2, Mavis Adams 10 - 20; P Pow, M Myland, P Hopes, G Coombe 11 -16; K Horler, R Knight, R Fisher, A Ainsworth 22 - 9; D Phillips, A Bougard, D Brown, M Nash 18 - 26; A Pow, L Coombe, M Howell ,M Adams 21 -21

We are grateful to our friends from Wyrral Park who fulfilled the fixture despite having a depleted team which allowed Winscombe to win in a match reduced to five Triples.
Winscombe 103 v Wyrral Park 65 (Friendly Home): A Pow, N Hansford,M Dorrington 23 -12 ; P Cast, D Peakall, J Sprouting, 10-21; K Horler,P Hopes, M Nash 22 -13; D Phillips, R Lowman, W Ainsworth 26 -10; E Kindred, B Paul, M Fletcher 22 -9


Ladies matches were cancelled this week due to the wet weather.

Week Ending 8th June 2019 (reported by Geoff Coombe)


Ladies first match wearing new shirts v Clevedon Prom - 5th June 2019

Winscombe 39 (2pts) v Clevedon Prom 61 (10pts)(NSTL Home): T Miles, E Watts, C Bryant 9 -22; P Pow, M Sprouting, A Ainsworth 18 - 14; C Hopes, S Nash, M Adams 12 - 25

Winscombe over 60's suffered their 3rd successive defeat at the hands of St. Andrews going down 90-97 and once again picking up just 4 points thanks to the rinks skipped by Rob Lacy and Graham Neville.

Winscombe 90(4pts) v St Andrews 97(16pts) (Weston Over 60's League Away): P John, G Coombe, G Neville 17 -13 ; T Rowe, B Andrews, D Brown 17 - 19; G Lloyd, J Sprouting, W Ainsworth 11 - 22; M Myland, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 11 - 16 ; M Smart, R Reason, R Lacy 22 - 14; P Hopes, B Paul, M Adams 12 - 13

Winscombe won a friendly match against Paulton BC by 10 shots .

Winscombe 80 v Paulton 70 (Friendly Home): P Hopes, Mavis Adams, D Johnson, M Dorrington 27 - 16; M Myland, D Brown, G Coombe, M Adams 19 - 18; A Rowe, B Andrews, W Ainsworth, R Lacy 25 - 10; G Lloyd, C Westlake, B Paul, M Fletcher 9 - 26

Week Ending 1st June 2019



Winscombe win their first match wearing their new shirts against Norwest! Winscombe won on 3 rinks and drew on the other to take the match by 33 shots.

The Team:
back row: Euan Kindred,Peter Cast,Dave Brown,Roy Fisher,Mike Adams,Geoff Coombe,Mike Smart,Nick Hansford,Dave Johnson
front row: Mal Dorrington,Brian paul,Paul Hopes,Mark Trenchard,Graham Neville,Wilf Ainsworth, Martyn Myland

d brown g neville nick

g coombe mal

Winscombe 90 v Norwest 57(Friendly Home):P Cast, R Fisher, N Hansford, G Neville 22 - 11; P Hopes, M Smart, B Paul, D Brown 17 - 17; E Kindred, M Trenchard, D Johnson, M Adams 29 - 17; M Myland, W Ainsworth, G Coombe, M Dorrington 22 -12

NSBA Cup - In the first round of this competition Winscombe were drawn away at St Andrews . Both teams won two rinks and drew on one but Winscombe managed to score 5 shots more than St Andrews and proceed to the next round.

Winscombe 89 v St Andrews 84(NSBA Cup Away): M Myland, P John, M Nash, M Fletcher 21 -10; G Lloyd, R Knight, G Coombe, M Adams 9 - 20; T Rowe, D Peakall, D Brown, G Neville 26 - 14; A Pow, D Phillips, B Paul, M Dorrington 15 - 22; P Hopes, R Reason, L Collier, J Sprouting 18 - 18

Winscombe over 60's once again had a disappointing result when they played Burnham, going down 79 - 96 and picked up just 4 points thanks to the rinks skipped by Mike Nash and John Sprouting.

Winscombe 79(4pts) v Burnham on Sea 96 (16pts)(Weston Over 60's League Away): G Lloyd, D Peakall, M Fletcher 7 - 15; M Myland, B Paul, P Fredersdorff 12 -23; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 11 -16; T Rowe, R Fisher, J Sprouting 19 - 16 ; R Kibble, L Collier, M Nash 19 -11 ; P Hopes, W Andrews, D Brown 11-15



Winscombe Ladies played Long Ashton in the North Somerset Triples League and lost by 8 shots. They picked up two points thanks to the rink skipped by Maureen Sprouting.

Winscombe 40 v Long Ashton 48 (NSTL Home):C Hopes, A Bourgard, C Bryant 12 - 16; T Miles, M Howell, M Sprouting 15 - 13; P Pow, S Nash, M Adams 13 - 19

Ladies other two matches were cancelled!

Week Ending 26 May 2019

Winscombe played friendlies against Bridgwater and Taunton and a Tourist side. They won at Bridgwater by 21 shots but lost at home to Taunton by 21 shots and to the touring side from Ramsberry by just 4 shots .

Winscombe 79 v Bridgwater 58 ( Friendly Away ): P John, D Johnson, D Brown, J Sprouting 24 - 14; A Pow, N Hansford, B Andrews, M Adams 16 -14;M Myland, R Reason, M Nash, M Dorrington 14 - 20; R Kibble, R Knight, P Fredersdorff, M Fletcher 25 -10

Winscombe 83 v Taunton 104( Friendly Home): M Myland, R Lowis, D Peakall, M Nash 20 - 17; T Rowe, R Knight, C Bryant, M Fletcher 20 - 21; P Hopes, M Smart, R Reason, M Dorrington 19 - 19; A Pow, D Phillips, D Brown, P Fredersdorff 13 - 23; P Cast, P John, N Hansford, D Johnson 11 -23

Winscombe 104 v Ramsberry & Aldbourne 108 (tourist Mixed ): M Myland, B Smart, M Howell 20 - 13; C Hopes, M Smart, G Coombe 22 -9; T Darkin, D Phillips, M Nash 16 -28; A Pow, T Rowe, D Brown 18 -17; A Bourgourd, M Sprouting, J Sprouting 17 -17; P Pow, Chris Bryant, Chrissie Bryant 11-24

In the Somerset County League Winscombe had mixed fortunes against Portishead RBL. Both Winscombe teams were at home. The A Team only won on the rink skipped by Mike Adams who had a decisive 24 shots win ,enough to win the match by 12 shots and pick up 8 points.The B team lost on all 3 rinks and by 16 shots

Winscombe A 72 (8pts)v Portishead RBL B 60 (4pts)(SCL Div One North): G Lloyd, N Hansford, G Coombe, M Adams 38 - 14; P John, D Brown, S Easterby, M Dorrington 15 - 24; G Neville, R Kibble, W Andrews, M Fletcher 19 -22

Winscombe B 47 v Portishead RBL C 63 (12pts)( SCL Div 3 North):T Rowe , C Westlake, L Collier, D Johnston 20 -23; D Peakall, M Smart, B Paul, J Sprouting 14 - 18; P Hopes, E Kindred, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 13 - 22

Winscombe Over 60's Triples Team went down at Isle of Wedmore 111- 97 picking up just 4 points, thanks to the rinks skipped by Graham Neville & Geoff Coombe.
The Captain Mike Fletcher said "The unavailability of a number of players due to illness & holidays means players are having to play in positions they are not used to but are doing their best which is appreciated.

Winscombe 97 v Isle of Wedmore 111 (Weston Over 60's Triples League Away): P John, R Kibble, G Neville 24 - 7; D Phillips, T Rowe, J Sprouting 7 -21; D Johnson, B Andrews, P Fredersdorff 13 -16; G Lloyd, D Peakall, M Fletcher 20 - 26; M Smart, R Fisher, M Nash 12 - 26; M Myland, D Brown, G Coombe 21 - 15

Winscombe played West Backwell in The National Tony Allcock Mixed Pairs Competition and won by two shots. They then found that they had fielded an under age player and conceded the game to West Backwell.


Ladies played 3 League Matches this week. Won two and lost one.
Gaining 10 pts in the North Somerset Triples league, and 7 pts in the Wessex league against Wessex 47 – 44. In the NSTL winning  59 – 48 against Clarence. Losing to Ashcombe 39 – 57.

Winscombe 39 v Ashcombe 57(NSTL Home) : C Hopes, M Howell, C Bryant 10 - 19; M Sprouting, M Adams, S Lowis 19 - 15; M Smart, S Nash,A Ainsworth 10 - 23

Winscombe 59 v Clarence 48 (NSTL) :C Hopes, M Sprouting, C Bryant 19 -15; P Pow, E Watts, A Ainsworth 12-19; T Miles, M Adams, S Lowis 28 -14

Winscombe 47 v Wessex 44 (Wessex League): P Pow, M Howell, E Watts, A Ainsworth 15 - 17; T Miles, T Darkin, R Keane, S Lowis 15 - 10 ; C Hopes, P Heak, S Nash, C Bryant 17 - 17


Week Ending 19 May 2019

In the County leagues both Winscombe teams were at home. Winscombe B team won again against Ashcombe C , this time claiming all 12 points. Meanwhile the A team playing Clarence A could only secure 2 points winning on one rink and narrowly losing on Mike Fletcher's rink.At the half way stage this rink had been seven shots ahead but by the 19th end the scores were level . Sadly for Winscombe they dropped 3 shots across the last 2 ends to lose by 3 shots.
Winscombe A 52(2pts) v Clarence A 67 (10pts)(SCL Div 1 North): G Lloyd, D Brown, S Easterby, M Dorrington 12 - 30; T Rowe, R Kibble ,B Andrews, M Fletcher 16 - 19; G Neville, N Hansford, G Coombe, M Adams 24 -18
Winscombe B 89 (12pts) v Ashcombe C 45 (SCL Div 3 North): P Cast, C Westlake, M Smart, D Johnson 35 - 16; M Myland, D Phillips, R Lowis, J Sprouting 27 -16; A Pow, E Kindred, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 27 -13

Winscombe had a comprehensive victory over Clarence Blues in the Weston Over 60's Triples League winning by 33 shots 120 - 87 and picking up 18 points.
Winscombe 120 (18pts) v Clarence Blues 87 (2pts)(Weston Over 60's League): P John, G Coombe, G Neville 21-19; G Lloyd, D Peakall, M Fletcher 13 -19; D Johnson, R Kibble, M Nash 25 - 13 ; T Rowe, J Sprouting, M Adams 17-15; M Myland, C Bryant, P Fredersdorff 23 -7; M Smart, B Andrews, D Brown 21-14

Winscombe played North Petherton in a friendly game and shared the rinks but lost the match by 7 shots .

Winscombe 70 v North Petherton 77 (Friendly Away): D Phillips, R Fisher,C Bryant,D Johnson 7 -16; A Pow, D Brown, B Andrews, M Dorrington 16 -29; R Knight, R Lowis, L Collier, M Nash 23 -18 ; K Horler, P Cast, R Lowman, M Fletcher 24 -14


Winscombe Ladies played two matches both away. Against North Petherton in the Wessex League they lost by 8 shots.They won on the rink skipped by Chrissie Bryant , narrowly lost by 2 shots on another but could not quite beat the North Petherton total. In the North Somerset Triples League they also lost against Clarence.

Winscombe 43 v North Petherton 51 (Wessex League):C Hopes, S Nash, S Lowis 15 -17; T Miles, M Sprouting, C Bryant 19 -14; P Pow, L Whatling, E Watts 9 - 20

Week Ending 12 May 2019

Winscombe played away against Victoria (B) and won on all 3 rinks in their first league match of the year. Victoria pushed Winscombe hard right to end on 2 rinks, the other rink Winscombe won well ,and won the match by 21 shots picking up the full 12 points.

Winscombe A 67(12pts)v Victoria B 46(SCL Div One Away): P John, R Kibble, B Andrews, M Fletcher 19 - 17; G lloyd, D Brown, S Easterby, M Dorrington 20 - 17; G Neville, R Lowman, G Coombe, M Adams 28 - 12

The B Team entertained Burnham B and won well on two rinks to clinch the game by 7 shots and collected 10 points.

Winscombe B 60(10pts) v Burnham B 53 (2pts)( SCL Div3 Home): A Pow, C Westlake, D Johnson, L Collier 21 - 16; M Myland, D Phillips, R Fisher, J Sprouting 23 - 11; K Horler, R Knight, N Hansfors, P Fredersdorff 16 - 26

Winscombe played Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston & District Over 60's Triples League and despite sharing the rinks 3 each went down by 9 shots despite a valiant effort by the rink skipped by Mike Adams who won by 20 shots.

Winscombe 98(6pts)v Ashcombe 107(14pts)(Weston Over 60's League):M Smart, D Brown, M Nash 14 -24; T Rowe, R Lacy, M Adams 27-7; J Sprouting, L Collier, P Fredersdorff 9-23; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 23-17; G lloyd, D Peakall, M Fletcher 13 -10; M Myland, R Lowis, R Lowman 12 - 26

Winscombe lost by 15 shots in the 1st round of the Bath Sydney Gardens Trophy. At the halfway stage all rinks were close but Bath pulled away on 3 rinks. They won 4 rinks, 1 rink was tied, and Winscombe won by 16 shots on one rink. Winscombe will need to recover the deficit on the home leg to win the trophy.

Winscombe 116 v Bath 130 (Sydney Gardens Trophy 1st Leg Away): M Myland, M Nash, M Adams 21 -22; K Horler, J Sprouting, R Lacy 26 -10 A Pow, D Peakall, G Coombe 18 -18; R Kibble, L Collier, P Fredersdorff 15 -25; R Fisher, D Brown, R Lowman 14 -23; D Phillips, R Lowis, D Johnson 22 - 32


Winscombe Ladies played a friendly versus West Backwell which one rink drew and another only lost by 1 shot. The third rink lost by 10 shots. Winscombe lost overall by 11 shots.
Winscombe 44 v West Backwell55 (Friendly Away): P Heal, S Nash, A Ainsworth 9 -19; A Bourgard, M Howell,S Lowman 16 -16; B Smart, L Whatling, C Bryant 19 -20

In the Southey Cup against a strong team from Watchet. In the pairs , triples and fours Winscombe lost heavily, but in the singles Carol Hopes won by 1 shot giving Winscombe 2 points, against Watchet's 6 points. The only consolation for Winscombe was the ladies did not have to make an early morning trip to Watchet.

Winscombe 2pts) v Watchet (6pts) (Southey Cup 3rd Round Home): Rink: A Pow, S Nash, R Keane, S Lowman 8 - 26; Pairs: M Sprouting, S Lowis 11 -24; Triples: T Miles, C Bryant, M Adams 11 - 26; Singles: C Hopes 21 - 20

Week Ending 5 May 2019

Winscombe had a good win against Congresbury in a friendly match despite being 2 players short. On 4 out of 5 rinks they started well getting into a early lead which they maintained throughout the game.,The 5th rink started off badly but managed to close the gap which contributed to the overall win by 32 shots. Score 102 - 70

The NSBA 4 Dimensions Competition was played on a very cold night against Burnham on Sea. The disciplines were shared with Winscombe winning the Pairs and The Triples but losing the singles and the rinks. Shot difference was the decider and Burnham won by 12 shots.

Winscombe 60 v Burnham on Sea 72(NSBA 4 Dimensions Home): Single M Dorrington Lost 11 -21; Pairs: D Brown, G Neville Won 23-15; Triples: N Hansford, G Coombe, M Fletcher Won 15 -11; Rink: D Peakall, R Lowman, R Lacy,M Adams Lost 11 -25


Winscombe Ladies had a very busy league schedule playing 4 games. Two in the North Somerset Triples League and two in the Wessex League.
Overall it was a dissappointing week for them as they lost all four games but two by only seven and four shots respectively. Six points were picked up by winning rinks.

Winscombe 32 v Clevedon 71(NSTL Home):A Bougard, L Whatling, C Bryant 12-34; P Pow, S Lowman, M Sprouting 9-21; T Miles, L Parfitt, A Ainsworth 11 -16
Winscombe 40 v Wessex 47 (Wessex League Home):T Miles,T Darkin,M Howell,C Bryant 14 -11; C Hopes,A Bougard,M Adams, S Lowis 12-16; P Pow, B Smart, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 14 - 20
Winscombe 47 v Ashcombe 66(NSTL Away): M Sprouting,L Parfitt, C Bryant 19-27; C Hopes, S Lowman, M Adams 21-15; P Pow, L Whatling, S Lowis 7 -24
Winscombe 54 v Clevedon Prom 58(Wessex League): P Pow, A Bourgard, S Lowman,C Bryant 19 -25; T Miles, M Howell, M Sprouting, S Lowis 27-6; C Hopes, L Parfitt, A Ainsworth, M Adams 8 -27


Week Ending 27th April 2019

New Over 60's Captain Mike Fletcher wins first match against his old team and our friends and rivals Victoria Saxons. Victoria came back strongly in the last few ends to reduce the deficit and pick up 4 rink points but Winscombe held out to win by 13 shots overall.

Winscombe 109 (16pts)v Victoria Saxons 96(4pts) (Weston Over 60'sLeague at Home): J Sprouting, M Myland, P Fredersdorff 14 -15; C Bryant, R Lowman, G Neville 24 -20; G Lloyd, D Peakall, M Fletcher (C) 20 - 16; P Hopes, R Kibble, G Coombe 21-10; D Brown, W Andrews, T Ellis 21-12; A Rowe, L Collier, R Lacy 9 -23

In a friendly against Clevedon on a dry but very windy afternoon Winscombe were without a number of key players.Only the captain's rink managed to win with everyone grateful to warm up in the club house after the game.
Winscombe 64 v Clevedon 100 (Friendly Away):A Pow, C Westlake, R Reason, R Lowman 10-19; D Peakall, A Phillis, D Brown, M Fletcher 23-12;
J Sprouting, M Myland, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff 11-17; P Cast, R Lowis, W Andrews, J Feltham 9-23; G Lloyd, D Johnson, R Fisher, G Coombe 11-29.


Winscombe Ladies won their first match of the season away at North Petherton in the Wessex League by just one shot. This was enough to gain eight out of the 10 points on offer.

Winscombe 42 (8pts) v North Petherton 41(2pts) (Wessex League Away): C Hopes, A Bourgourd, L Whatling, S Lowis 16 -10; T Miles, M Sprouting, L Parfitt, C Bryant 18 -12; P Pow, T Darkin, R Keane, A Ainsworth 8 -19

Week Ending 13th April 2019

Winscombe Bowling Club opened their season on Saturday with the traditional President v Captains match.
The new President Geoff Coombe sent down the first wood.
The match result was ‘ a draw’ but actually the Captains team won by 3 shots!
A ‘spider’ before the game raised over £40 for the South West Children’s Hospice and the match was followed by an excellent ’President’s Supper’ in the club house.

For many years Winscombe have played in an indoor Triples league every Thursday afternoon at St Andrews BC during the winter. The league is made up from all Winscombe Club members. This year the winners were Mike Newing, Peter John and Mike Adams representing ’The Squirrels’. (photo is without Mike Newing who is happily recovering from a major operation) .

Week Ending 6th April 2019
At meetings of the Ladies Section and Men's section a new coloured club shirt was approved.
At the subsequent Management Meeting it was finally agreed that WBC will adopt a coloured Club Shirt for all Club Matches as soon as possible this year.