Due to restrictions in car sharing the Competition Secretary and team have decided to delay the start of the SOUTHEY TROPHY.
    The Round 3, 4, 5 & Quarter Final matches will be PLAY BY dates:
    Round 3                                  SATURDAY 26TH   JUNE
    Round 4                                  SUNDAY 4TH JULY
    Round 5                                  SUNDAY 25TH JULY
    SEMI FINALS                       SUNDAY 15TH AUGUST at Portishead at 10.30 or
    Frome Selwood at 2pm
    FINALS                                  SUNDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER at Bath at 2pm

Please be aware of the change of dates, which have been rectified on the Web site Diary, and the Competition in One Drive.
I hope all Clubs will understand the change.  We all want the Competition to take place, and let’s hope we have no more changes this season.
All games start after 21st June, 2021, which we are led to believe will have no restrictions, so Ladies can travel together, use the clubhouses and changing rooms, and participate in   refreshments before and after the game, if they wish.
May I wish you an enjoyable season.

Charmian  Pearce,   and the Competition team