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Winscombe Bowling Club
founded 1921

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Wilf Ainsworth is the Men's Competitions Secretary


All competitions are played EBA Rules, a copy is the E.B.A. Handbook and is available at the Club.

Challenger(s) must challenge their opponent(s) and offer three alternative dates, one of which may he a Sunday within seven days after end of the previous round. This rule must be adhered to even to the extent of the challenging and offering the three alternative dates to both possible opponents before the close of the previous round where the challenger(s) is/are unable to issue the challenge within the said seven days (such circumstances may occur, for example, where absence through holiday or business commitments prevail)-
Where the challenger(s) and opponent(s) have completed their matches prior to the close of the current round, they should endeavour to arrange their next round match at the earliest opportunity. (For the first rounds of each competition dates should be offered at least 10 days before the 'play by' date).
All applications for extensions must be agreed by all parties involved. Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and will be granted for a maximum of up to four days. Examples of exceptional circumstances may be unexpected illness, bereavement etc. Please note, holidays will not be considered as exceptional circumstances.
If a game cannot be  played due to problems such as inclement weather (subject to confirmation of green closure by the Greens Committee), the completion date of the round may be extended.
All Finals will be played on Finals Weekend or in exceptional circumstances an alternative date mutually agreed by players AND Competitions Committee.
The Competitions Committee will deal with all breaches of these rules.
The Competitions Committee's decision will be final. The Competitions Committee will consist of five members. one of whom will be the Competitions Secretary. Any three of these members shall make a quorum.

No set of rules will ever cover all eventualities and there will, therefore, be occasions where common sense must prevail.



Players are allocated a handicap in the Singles ranging from 'scratch' (0) to, typically. -9 or -10. A Singles competition is played until a player reaches his shot target. The player with the lower handicap has to reach 21 shots. The player with the higher handicap to reach 21 plus the difference between their handicaps. Obviously the first competitor to his target is the winner


Players are allocated a handicap in the Pairs ranging from 'scratch' (O) to, typically, +6 or +7. A Pairs competition is played over 21 ends. Therefore each side needs to ADD their allocated handicap to their attained score. E..g. a side with a handicap of +4 needs to add 4 shots to whatever score they have attained by completion of the 21 end. It is not uncommon to see sides commence a competition by showing on the scoreboard their allocated handicap as shots already achieved.

TRIPLES COMPETITION committee has decided to make this a 'championship' competition and teams of three will be drawn and entered to play 2 rounds on a set day. The final to be played on finals weekend